Van der Lee Seafish is a leading seafood supplier in Urk

Van der Lee Seafish: a single place for a great variety of fish and seafood for wholesale and retail companies

Van der Lee Seafish is founded in 1973. It is a fish processing company with a complete range of seafood for everybody: from international wholesale seafood suppliers to a local fish store. Our range of seafood is unique because of it’s quality and price. Please take a look at our catalog with: Fresh and Frozen Seafood from the Northsea, Imported fish, Bread-crumbed and deep fried fish products, Vegan Fish products.

Fish and season

Van der Lee Seafish is a company that has a large cold storage for a particular reason. It means our fresh sustainable fish is caught and processed when this is at it’s best. Because fish a product that changes during the season. By freezing it at the right time we can guarantee a constant quality year round.

Our seafood caught in the Northsea is not being treated with additives whatsoever. The fish is of the highest quality and sustainable as it should. Quality always wins is our philosophy.

All products that leaves our factory in Urk, have been subjected to a complete quality control. This is for both Northseafish as well as products that are globally imported. Seafood from the Middle East for example. With our state of the art machinery we are able to freeze Northsea fish within 24 our after it is caught. That way the quality, freshness, flavor and vitamines are maintained.

Processing, packaging and distribution to seafood wholesale companies

Van der Lee Seafish is one of the largest seafood companies of The Netherlands. Urk is known for it’s seafood businesses. It is strategically located near Rotterdam as the gateway to Europe. Besides being seafood processor it is also a distributor and exporter. The ideal combination for you a a customer with specific needs and looking for a competitive price. Looking for supply per reefercontainer or mixed pallet with multiple sorts of fish? Everything is possible at Van der Lee Seafish.

We offer our customers a complete range. Besides convenience it also provides purchasing advantages. Our complete assortiment exist of 80 sorts of seafood and over 500 products. In short, Van der Lee Seafish is your one stop shop for all your seafood and shellfish.

Van der Lee Seafish offers the world's finest fish in a single place

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Current news

Van der Lee Seafish is certified for the V label

At the beginning of February of this year, Van der Lee Seafish received notification from the European Vegetarian Union that they are certified for the V label. This means that from now, on they can use the quality mark for their VEGAN products; fish substitutes based on vegetable food ingredients. Van der Lee Seafish started

New at Van der Lee Seafish: VEGAN FISH!

Van der Lee Seafish is introducing a new product line based on plant-based ingredients. These products meet the standards for being labelled “vegan”: no ingredients of animal origin are used in the formulation of these products. The new products focus on the international market for fish products.  The first products to come off the production line

New cold storage warehouse operational: substantial expansion realized.

The extensive expansion of Van der Lee Seafish was completed in August. At the beginning of this year, the foundation was laid for the construction of a completely new 1,200 m2 cold storage warehouse. The warehouse is now operational and can store 3,500 pallets (over 2,000 tonnes of products). After the fire in April 2018,