Own trawler guarantees permanent supply of quality fish

Van der Lee Seafish owns her own trawler since 2016, fishing the rich fishing grounds in the North Sea. The first ship was the trawler HD 70, a 40-meter long fishing trawler with fishing rights. This strategic choice has worked out for the better. It made sure Van der Lee Seafish was certain of a constant supply of fish. To fish even more efficiently, the Flemish trawler B 518 was purchased at the end of 2017 replacing the HD 70. Meanwhile, the “Drakkar” sails under the Urk flag with registration number UK 136, the family number of skipper Korf. This beam trawler has a length of 38 meters, 2000 HP and a cooling and storage capacity to keep 40 tons of fish. The crew consists of a skipper, an operator, a cook and three sailors. They fish around 48 weeks of the year. When bottom fishing, they are mainly fishing for Plaice and Dover Sole. In addition, they also fish for Brill, Turbot, Lemon Sole, Flounder, Monkfish and Cod.

The fish is stripped (cleaned) on board, immediately after catching it and cooled down on ice slurry. In the harbor, the fish is transferred refrigerated and transported via refrigerated transport to Van der Lee Seafish’s own fish processing. The cold chain is not interrupted here. This keeps the fish super fresh and in top condition. Part of the catch goes to the fish auction.


Van der Lee Seafish thinks chain integration is of great importance and therefore has the quality control of the fish in its own hands. From ‘ship to shelf’, all fish are the responsibility of Van der Lee Seafish from beginning to end. This guarantees the traceability of the fish. The trawler is MSC certified and we follow the guidelines for sustainable fishing. The entire catch has been sustainably caught with respect for both nature and environment. The supplied plaice is marketed under the MSC label.

With its own fishing company, Van der Lee Seafish has the entire chain under one roof which has helped strengthen its position in the market with a steady supply of high-quality Plaice and Sole directly from catch to sale. This is how Van der Lee Seafish optimally serves its international customers.