This is the story of how a filleting company is still running successfully after
40 years, and can offer their customers a constantly growing range of fish products every day…

Once upon a time, 40 years ago...

Two men established a filleting company in Urk. It was nothing special in itself. In the seventies it was all about fish in the famous fishing town of Urk. There were many opportunities in this sector for anyone who was not afraid of a little hard work. Yet, Teun van der Lee, who founded the company with his brother in law, managed to expand the company quickly.

In 1985 the company moved to a newly built production hall. Filleting and the export of plaice remains the core business of Van der Lee Sea fish. But the new company was also equipped with modern computerised fish processing methods: freezing and glazing, weighing and packaging. The company was advanced in the area of a strict hygiene policy.

Van der Lee had established a good reputation in the export market during that time. Countries like England and the United States were supplied personally from Urk. Now their sales territory has expanded even further to countries like Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands as well.

Since 1985, the company has expanded another four times, and the number of employees has grown to 120. Although filleting, processing and exporting plaice remains one of the most important cornerstones of the company, Van der Lee Seafish managed to expand to a wider range of fish and fish products with added value. They have also imported products from Asia and the rest of the world.

The family company, two sons of the founder have now joined the board of directors, is healthy and running successfully. With their own view on the market, and their dynamic and innovative approach, Van der Lee Seafish distinguishes itself from its fellow competitors. For Van der Lee Sea fish it is not always about better quality, but rather about taking responsibility. This is how 40 year old Van der Lee Seafish will enter the future, with the motto: “Do what you say”.