Quality and Freshness

Expert selection and handling of fish is crucial. We only take the freshest of the catch and then seal in the freshness quickly and efficiently using the very latest in freezing techniques. This ensures the long-term preservation of vitamins, taste and texture.

Hygiene and Quality Control

Fish is a food product, and where food for human consumption is concerned nothing but the highest standards of hygiene will do. These are the standards we set for ourselves and in doing so we adhere to the most stringent requirements of the food industry. At all stages of the production process our products are monitored by our quality control department and tested in our laboratory.

Product and Processing

Van der Lee Seafish has made substantial investments in ultra-modern production lines for freezing and processing of fish. The key factor in ensuring the high quality of our finished products is the speed of those production lines: fresh fish can be carefully processed, frozen and packed in just one day.

Filleting: 2 x Baader filleting machines
Grading: 1 x Fresh products 1 x Frozen products
Skinwrapping: 1 x Ulma Skin wrap for packaging single products
Freezing: 3 x GTI inject CO2 freezers, 7 tunnel freezers after each (6) glaze belt
Breading/pre-frying: 1 x total CFS/Koppens breading line with fryer
Forming/shaping: 1 x total CFS/Koppens breading line with fryer