2019 is about growth and expansion for Van der Lee Seafish. Turnover has once again increased in the past year, due to an increase in trade and the production of more available products. In order to manage this growth, the organization has adapted.

New Cold Storage Facility

The construction of a new cold storage facility measuring 1,200 m2 has begun, in which 3,500 pallets can be stored, holding over 2,000 tonnes of product. In addition, the shipping section (with 3 loading docks) and the coating production hall will be expanded to 1,300 m2. Above this, a floor measuring 1,500 m2 for the storage of herbs, spices, coating ingredients, other ingredients and seafood packaging materials, will be constructed. Everything will be housed under one roof, for optimal efficiency. Later this spring, the existing freezer cell will be rebuilt and expanded with space for 300 additional pallets, which will allow for the total storage capacity to exceed 6,000 pallets.

The growth and the necessary increase of our capacity are a direct consequence of the expansion of our range, as well as the increase of customers from various market segments. In order to service our customers promptly and efficiently, delivering as per their requirements, our organization is being adapted accordingly. In 2017, an additional production line had already been installed in the coating production hall, making it possible to produce gluten-free breaded fish products using the most up-to-date hygienic standards.

If everything goes according to schedule, the new construction and renovations will be completed by mid-July.

You can stay informed of the developments via our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel. More videos will be made available soon.