Van der Lee Seafish continues its plotted course with new fishing trawler

Van der Lee Seafish took the strategic decision in April of 2016 to purchase their own fishing trawler including fishing rights; the HD 70. This newly set course worked out well. During the past year and a half, we have experienced that this way Van der Lee Seafish is assured of sufficient supply of qualitative fish from the North Sea. In order to be able to fish even more efficiently and to be able to continue an even better quality, Van der Lee has purchased a younger and more modern model fishing trawler, the B518, which is going to replace the HD70. The Flemish boat retains the name ‘Drakkar’ but will sail under the flag of Urk and receives the registration number UK 136, the family number of skipper Korf. Van der Lee can strengthen their position in the market with the new trawler, because of the steady supply of a high-quality plaice and sole, delivered directly, freshly caught, to their customers.
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