New at Van der Lee Seafish: VEGAN FISH!

Van der Lee Seafish is introducing a new product line based on plant-based ingredients. These products meet the standards for being labelled “vegan”: no ingredients of animal origin are used in the formulation of these products. The new products focus on the international market for fish products. 

The first products to come off the production line are breaded and pre-fried veggie fish moulds such as schnitzels, burgers, nuggets, sticks and shrimps. The product base is made from ingredients of plant-based origin (rice) with flavour extracts and natural flavouring. The products have the texture and taste of real fish. In addition to vegan and veg fish products with various coatings, Van der Lee Seafish will also produce natural vegetarian fish products. Products that are currently in development are Fishless Kibbeling, Vegetarian Bites and Veggie Salmon Burgers. These products are positioned as meat and fish substitutes. The next stage will soon follow with seaweed-based products, including a wakame and sea-kale burger, as well as products made from vegetable, super-food and dairy-based ingredients 

Van der Lee Seafish wants to be at the forefront of the development, production and marketing of vegan fish products. It is a growth market that can no longer be relegated to the foreseeable future. It will constitute a significant portion of the company’s total turnover. 

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