In April 2016, the new packaging department of Van der Lee Seafish was completed. After a thorough renovation and considerable investment in new packaging machines, Van der Lee Seafish is ready for the future. Not only fish and fish products can be packed on the new packaging line, but also all kinds of other food products such as potato products (fries) and other non-fish products, which makes the company less dependent on the fish industry. Currently, many airplane meals are packed in special boxes suitable for the convection oven. Additionally, new markets are operated such as school canteens, health centres and nursing homes. The unique feature of the new packaging line lies, among others, in the speed and very precise weighting (the gram accuracy), the diversity of packaging (bags, trays, wraps en cartonage) and the short changeover time. The machines are designed and built completely ‘custom-made’ for Van der Lee Seafish. The new packaging hall meets all current standards and features large windows which literally does not hide anything. The new packaging hall and packaging machines involve an investment of over two million euros.

Picture – Anneke van der Lee drives the first pile for the new packaging hall
Picture – The new packaging hall
Picture – The new packaging line