Van der Lee Seafish has recently commissioned their new acquisition, the UK 136, into service. This modern fishing trawler replaces the HD 70. This was the first vessel used by Van der Lee Seafish after the fish producer made the strategic decision to purchase their own fishing trawler with fishing rights in 2016.

With the beam trawler HD 70 Hanny, Van der Lee Seafish became an official fishery. The newly plotted course was a great success: over the past two years Van der Lee Seafish assured a steady supply of high-quality North Sea fish. In December 2017 the decision was made to replace the HD 70 and to purchase a younger, more modern fishing trawler. The Flemish trawler B 518 Drakkar was found through shipbroker Elburger Scheepsbemiddeling. The vessel was built in 1998 at De Graeve Shipyards in Belgium and measures nearly 38 metres in length. The trawler underwent a complete refit over the past six months and is now 100% ready to assume its duties.

Under the authority of skipper Jan Steven Korf whose family number is UK 136, Van der Lee Seafish will be able to strengthen its position in the market with the Drakkar through the permanent supply of high-quality plaice and sole delivered fresh from the catch for sale to its customers.