Van der Lee Seafish is certified for the V label

At the beginning of February of this year, Van der Lee Seafish received notification from the European Vegetarian Union that they are certified for the V label. This means that from now, on they can use the quality mark for their VEGAN products; fish substitutes based on vegetable food ingredients. Van der Lee Seafish started developing these VEGAN products about two years ago in order to respond to the increasing demand for vegan food products. The conditions and requirements for the VEGAN product before the V label is awarded are very strict: the product must be completely 100% free of ingredients of animal origin. The test results were very positive and the VEGAN products were praised. Many thousands of kilos have already been produced and the vegan fish substitutes are available – under private label – at well-known, large supermarket chains in Germany, Spain and England. With this new vegan product line, Van der Lee Seafish serves existing, but also new markets and customers. Moreover, this makes the company less dependent on the variable and seasonal supply of fresh fish.

By starting the development of VEGAN products two years ago, Van der Lee Seafish has built up a head start in terms of quality, which has been confirmed with the award of the V label. Van der Lee Seafish is now focusing further on expanding the range by developing new VEGAN natural products, including a wakame and samphire burgers and other products based on vegetables, superfoods and dairy. (see also: /products/vegan-fish)